What have past participants said about this course?

“It is unimaginable that one could pass without doing this course.”

- WT

“The anxiety is gone! I now have a plan for how to tackle the exam and am confident that this is achievable.”

- SL

“Excellent. Thorough. Comprehensive. Not just what to study, but how to study it, and retain the information. Could not recommend more highly.”

- SR

“One of the most exceptional teachers I’ve ever had in my life.”

- P

“Great teacher – has time for the student.”

- MH

“Pete is an experienced and effective educator.”

- CJ

Our next course is November 30 to December 1, 2024

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Course includes:

  • What to study
  • What not to study
  • How to minimise what you need to memorise
  • How to ensure you do not burn yourself out in the process
  • Understand the new format of the exams

Any questions? Please call or email.

Held over two days in a CBD location

Small class sizes

Intensive and thorough



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