This course is exam focused.
Whilst this course is not designed to teach you how to be a brilliant barrister, it is designed to teach you how to pass the bar exam so that you can become a brilliant barrister.

We teach you:

  • What to study
  • What not to study
  • What to memorise
  • What not to memorise
  • And how to minimise what you memorise

Ethics, Practice & Procedure and Evidence are taught as three distinct subject areas.

Always student focused, feedback is collected at the end of each course, enabling the course to be improved and updated every year. Since the first course in 2014, more than 200 candidates have been prepared for the NSW bar exam.

When Peter was 10, he saw Gough Whitlam dressed in wig and robe, and from that moment he knew that he wanted to go to the bar. After completing high school Peter enrolled in law at Sydney uni, only to find that one talking head and 600 students was not his preferred mode of learning.

So, he studied music and education at the New South Wales state conservatorium of music, after which he taught at Mt Druitt, Blacktown, for 11 years, followed by 5 years as Head of Music at SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

After a successful 16-year teaching career, including university lecturing and 3 years on the HSC examination committee for music, Peter followed his first love and studied law.

After completing his JD in 2.5 years, as Peter was completing his last law subject at uni in the January, he began studying for the bar exam. Peter sat the bar exam in the February, found out he had passed in the March, and was admitted as a lawyer in the April.

Peter went straight to the bar from uni. As a result, in his first year, he had no legal experience and not many clients. but he did know how to teach.

As word spread about Peter’s rise from uni to the bar, people would contact him and ask for assistance in passing the exam. After 6 or 7 students contacting him and Peter sharing his philosophy with them over a light lunch, he initially planned to write a book to assist future students, but decided to put his knowledge into a course which then could be updated each year.

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